Got questions?  We’ve got answers.

What is Conkerbonk in a nutshell?
It’s a site that lets you upload videos you’ve made and watch them battle other videos in head to head competitions.  When your video wins, you make money.

What does being a “founder” get me?
Your founder status entitles you to special founder-only invites, first-look offers and other freebies, and tips and tricks that people who sign up later won’t get.  Plus, your founder status is permanent, and there’s no other way to be a founder than to sign up now.  Not to mention, it’s free!

When does the competition start?
Fall 2011.  Join us, and we’ll keep you up to speed on developments as they happen.

What kind of videos can I submit?
Just about any kind.  As long as it’s not porn, hate speech, or a few other obvious no-nos in our Terms of Service, it’s fair game, as long as you’re the one who created it.

Are there categories?  I mean, will my music video go up against other music videos?
No.  Conkerbonk is the ultimate democratizer.  Your music video can — and will — face comedy videos, short films, dancing dogs, vlogs, etc. — we trust our viewers to simply vote which one is best.

Who judges the matches?
The viewers.

Who are the viewers?
Anyone who visits the site.

But what if the viewer hates music videos?
We are confident that just as many viewers hate dancing dog videos, so again — even playing field.

Does this cost anything?
We will offer a number of different packages at different times, but you will never pay more than $1 per video to enter.

When do I start making money?
Your video gets points every time it wins — the more points you have, the more money you make when you cash out, and you can cash out at any time.  Matches go fast, so if you’ve got a good video, you could make money the same day the competition starts.

How much can I make?
There is no limit to the amount of money your videos can make.


How are the videos selected for a match?
They are selected at random.  However, if your video has a lot of points, it is slightly more likely to come up for a match, which means a winning video can accumulate more points even faster.

Can I vote on my own video?
If you watch a lot of matches, your video has a better chance of coming up for you to judge.  And yes, of course you can vote for yourself.

Can I get my friends to watch and vote?
Absolutely.  But again, since the match selections are random, you can’t get them to vote just on your video.

What if my video doesn’t win?
Just as you win points for winning, you lose points for losing.  If you run out of points, your video is removed from the competition.

Can I re-enter it if I want?

So what’s the catch?
There is no catch.  We created Conkerbonk so that people like you can make money with your videos.  JOIN US!

If you don’t see it here, drop us a line at questions at conkerbonk.com.  We’ll answer!

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